5 tricks to have a perfect beard

Having a perfect beard is of great importance to men, since it says a lot about them. For some it is just as important as clothing and hairstyle.
Having an impeccable and shaped beard is paramount to make a good impression.

But what to do to have the perfect beard?
To have a beard with shine and volume, with a good appearance and healthy, you have to keep in mind a series of tricks that will help us eliminate excess fat and bacteria.
According to the scientist John Golobic, the beard can accumulate around 20,000 bacteria and is even capable of spreading infections.
That is why it is important to take good care of our beard, both for appearance and for our health.
Follow this series of tricks and we will have a perfect beard to raise glances.
Caring for her with love
Every day the beard is faced with large amounts of bacteria, either by the smoke of cars, the remains of food and drinks, the sweat of the body and all the different particles that are around us.
To achieve the perfect beard, it is advisable to wash it at least twice a day with soap and water.
The products that we must use to clean our beard are those natural with gel textures, always being careful that they are not the same cleansers that we use for the hair, because these dry the skin and remove the shine of the hair.
At the end of the day we will have a clean beard, with a good smell and voluminous, that will melt any girl who approaches us.
Hydrate with conditioner or oils
After a good wash it is necessary that we hydrate our beard.
With this we can avoid drying out on a day that is very sunny or when winter comes.
Remember that the skin covered by hair can also be damaged if we do not give our beard the necessary care.
Balms or conditioners for beards will help you grow healthier. But not only that ... It will also be fat free!
Special moisturizers for beards are based on natural components, oils that dry quickly. So do not hesitate to apply moisturizers and get ready to have an impact beard. 
Use After Shave
Men always seek to have the perfect beard, to achieve this we must cut and shave frequently.
To avoid skin irritation or bother small wounds, the solution is to use a lotion after shaving.
These lotions are almost magical!
They close pores, hydrate and help prevent skin irritation.
This is a trick we can not pass up. Choose the one that best suits our skin type and also have a mild odor.
Hairstyle and brushing
The special touch to achieve the perfect beard is to comb it with a special brush for beards, this should be flexible bristles and with separation
We must also apply some wax to comb. When waxing the beard we can comb it easily.
In addition, the previous washings will allow that the hairstyle is faster and we do not start hairs that damage the form that we have maintained so much.
The result will be incredible!
Our beard will look healthy and careful.
Your beard, in the best hands, with the barber
The care of a professional is extremely important to have a perfect beard.
Who better than a professional barber to shape and define our beard?
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